Just another day

Today is just another day for most people. For others it is a moment of time that changes a life. For me, T. Crystal Gordon, this marks the beginning of my blog to promote my jewelry design work called Textures Jewelry Art.

I appreciate every moment given to talk about the work that I do. Design for me is part of who I am, not just what I do. I love color, texture, and thinking about wearing something interesting. I specialize in wearable jewelry art for plus sized women. I do this because there simply aren’t enough pieces of jewelry available on the public marketplace that make my fellow curvy girls look fantastic. I aim to change that and highlight that curvy women don’t have to wear chunky jewelry, they can rock any jewelry – provided that it is done correctly.

Jewelry is meant to adorn a specific body part. A bracelet highlights beautiful wrists and hands; earrings highlight and adorn a pretty face; necklaces focus attention to a woman’s neck and decolletage; rings show off pretty hands. Let’s face it, all feminine bodies, regardless of curves, look great in fabulous jewelry – and I’m the woman who wants to design for everyone.

My pieces are conversation starters. They are comfortable, stylish and creative. No matter what style, gemstone, metal type, expect something unique and timeless. So I wish everyone a warm heartfelt welcome to this corner of the world – where style meets comfort in jewelry design.

Welcome to Textures Jewelry Art.

T.Crystal Gordon – Designer



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